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Gilbrook School, Birkenhead, Wirral

Catch up Plan (due to Covid-19)


Funding £13,200

 Success Criteria:

Achievement of Pupils

Relationships –re-establish whole school relationships – don’t automatically expect them to return and be the same as before lockdown.

Community –re-establish sense of school community and links to the wider community – engage, listen, understand, grow together.

Metacognition – explicitly scaffold teaching to grow confidence as a learner – some children will have forgotten aspects of their learning and key skills that will need to be embedded again

Transparent Curriculum –clear pathway to engagement with education after lockdown – co-construct to show them how you are addressing the gaps.

Space – to be, to rediscover self-image, concept, esteem and confidence. – for some children, lockdown will have had an enormous impact on their mental health, social skills and emotional literacy

Quality of Teaching

  • Teaching to target core skills and SEMH pastoral needs – track progress in all areas to evaluate impact
  • Targeted intervention for underperforming groups impacting on quality of teaching and thus progress of children

Behaviour and Safety

  • Catch Up Premium to be used to provideinterventions in the following areas: literacy, numeracy, social skills, emotional literacy and metal health
  • SLT to track social skills development, emotional literacy and mental health and wellbeing to provide interventions, where necessary, in a timely manner
  • Support for families to link to appropriate organisations i.e. Barnardo’s

Leadership and Management

  • Action plan identifies provision and expected impact
  • SENCO to carefully track progress and impact of intervention strategies
  • Action Plan reported to Governing body so they have a detailed knowledge of actions / their rationale / cost and impact
  • SENCO to collate information regarding progress and impact across range of interventions and activities offered
Tasks  To do what… Financial implications Impact
Laptop for each class


IT software

To provide a laptop for every class in school so pupils can do personalised interventions weekly/daily


IT software for literacy and numeracy interventions

Bespoke programme of interventions for each pupil

Literacy / Numeracy Support Provide individualised programme of support for children to catch up with their literacy and numeracy skills


TA to track interventions



Social skills and outdoor learning Provide targeted ELSA intervention for children suffering from poor mental health and well- being following lockdown


Member of staff to support emotional literacy and mental health and wellbeing




5 mornings per week

Support for families and signposting to services Member of staff to provide support for families with complex issues following lockdown £2,700


3afternoons per week