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Gilbrook School, Birkenhead, Wirral
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Enrichment Clubs

Enrichment Clubs


Following the lockdowns during COVID, we felt that many pupils had not had the opportunity to socialise outside of their comfort zone; close family, friends and class and that we needed to support our pupils to be able to be take part in activities with others, such as pupils and staff they were unfamiliar with.  The majority of our pupils have always been isolated by their SEND needs and struggle to integrate into school and community life fully, particularly when they first come to Gilbrook.  As a result the staff felt that introducing curriculum clubs each day would allow the pupils to have an opportunity to interact with all members of the school community. This brilliant opportunity offers the opportunity for staff to support pupils, whilst developing their social skills, meeting pupils and staff they might struggle to develop relationships with in a structured environment. 


Clubs are designed to offer pupils the chance to take part in a variety of activities to enhance the school curriculum.  This part of the curriculum is semi-formal and focusses on social skills in particular, as well as the theme of the club.  Staff are able to focus on these skills with pupils for weekly session.   This allows us to promote socially appropriate values and behaviours, including sharing, fairness, and respect. Staff monitor such skills as problem solving, taking turns, and politely disagreeing.

Social skills we are aiming to develop for the children include:

  • play skills – for example, taking turns in games, helping others or sharing toys
  • conversation skills – for example, choosing what to talk about, choosing a variety of topics or what body language to use
  • emotional skills – for example, managing their own emotions and understanding how others feel in different situations
  • problem-solving skills – for example, dealing with conflict or making decisions in social situations.

They range of clubs on offer will change periodically; below are sample of those on offer:

  • Sports skills
  • Games of various types
  • Outdoor Art
  • Bike skills
  • Farm
  • Quiet indoor games
  • Chess
  • Gardening


Social skills help all children know how to act in different situations and environments – from talking to wider family members to playing with friends at school.

Social skills can help your child make and maintain friendships, learn from others and develop hobbies and interests. These skills can also help with family relationships, out of school friendships and help to give your child a sense of belonging.

Most importantly good social skills are important for your child’s mental health and overall quality of life.