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Gilbrook School, Birkenhead, Wirral

Key Information

Gilbrook School is a primary special school for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.   Many children also have additional needs including autism.

The most recent Ofsted inspection (2017) rated the school as outstanding. 


The School has 60 places and admits children aged 5 – 11 throughout the school year.   

Gilbrook is situated in Woodchurch on a two storey site with lovely views from the first floor over Bidston Hill. The building is set in extensive grounds.  There are 7 classrooms, sensory rooms, computer suite & library.  In addition to assemblies, the hall is also used for PE and as a dining room at lunchtime.  The large playground has excellent play facilities including a large climbing frame, an aero tilt and swings.  It also has basketball hoops and football goals for friendly competitions.  There is a farm area with our pigs Dennis & Dinky,  sheep, goats, pigmy goats, ducks, chickens and an area for our small petting animals.   



8.50                      Children begin to arrive at school either on transport or with a parent/carer.

9.00                      School day begins.

10.45-11.00          Playtime.

12.00-12.20          Lunch.

12.20-12.45          Lunchtime activities.

12-45                    Afternoon session begins. 

3.00                      Children’s school day ends. They are escorted to the school transport and taken home.


School hours per week     =        30 hours

Teaching time per week  =        24 hours.



Most of the children attending Gilbrook are collected from their home and travel to and from school in a mini-bus or taxi provided by the LA. Each vehicle has escorts who are responsible for and have complete authority over the children when they are travelling. We ask parents/carers to assist by supporting the escorts and emphasise that good behaviour on the transport is vital for safety.

It is important that the children are ready for school when the escort calls at their home in the morning. It is essential that an adult is waiting at the home, after school, in time to receive the child.

As pupils are admitted from all over the Wirral, some journeys can be longer than others.  In order to help with this situation, we encourage the pupils to bring something on the bus to help pass the journey eg. CD player, I Pod, Games console etc… On entrance to the school these items are given to the member of staff in the classroom and are locked in the safe.  We ask that parents ensure that the CD’s and games are age appropriate.

Communication is extremely important to enable school to work closely with the escorts to support the pupils on the transport. The school monitors behaviour on the journeys to and from school on a daily basis.

You can contact transport on  0151 666 4215.



It is preferable that parents/carers administer medicine at home prior to coming to school or at the end of the school day.  However, this is not always possible and in these circumstances a written request must be sent by the parent/carer and an agreement entered into with the school.

All medicines should in original packaging and clearly labelled with:

  • The contents
  • The child’s name
  • The dosage

If it is agreed that medication can be brought to school, it must be given to the escort or the office and not to the child.

When the medication is running low a reminder letter will be sent home via the escorts. If no medication is then received, a red reminder letter is sent home and your child will not be able to return to school without this medication.

If there is any change to the medication dosage, parents must inform school immediately and complete a new medication form.